The website landing page for adrienne maree brown features a full-screen background image with a rich, textured look resembling flowing water or marbled patterns in shades of teal and dark blue. Centrally overlaid is a white text box containing the name "adrienne maree brown" in lowercase, elegant typography, followed by the words "awe. liberation. pleasure." in a smaller font. Below this, a navigation bar with buttons such as 'columns', 'projects', 'books', 'podcasts', and 'blog' invites further exploration.

Website design with adrienne maree brown

← back to projects Website design with adrienne maree brown adrienne maree brown's writings on emergence, pleasure, and Black-led liberation have been instrumental to my political path ever since I encountered her groundbreaking work, Emergent Strategy. Having the opportunity to design her new website was one of the highest honors of my career. For this… Read More
Screenshot of the landing homepage of The Music Gallery's website, set against a purple background. The design features a rich interface, set in a black and white palette with purple accents. The page uses an unconventional layout that staggers a central photo of a musician at the drums with two other overlapping images, creating a layered visual effect. Below the main navigation bar runs a marquee strip containing a welcoming statement about The Music Gallery's commitment to exploration. The design invites visitors to delve into a curated experience, with a sidebar calling attention to further engagement options such as 'Login', 'Tickets', and 'Memberships'.

Website design with The Music Gallery

← back to projects Website design with The Music Gallery The Music Gallery, a globally acclaimed center for creative music established in 1976 in Toronto, is a sanctuary for the exploration and amplification of diverse narratives and sounds. I had the privilege of collaborating with my team at And Also Too and web developer Jean-Philippe Ung… Read More
Screenshot of the landing page of the Octavia’s Parables podcast. The design features a full-screen collage by Krista Franklin, a visual ode to Octavia Butler's literary works. The artwork intertwines elements of swirling smoke, splattered blood, and depictions of urban decay, reflecting the philosophy of change and transformation in Butler's stories. "OCTAVIA'S PARABLES" is prominently displayed in salmon-colored lettering above the collage, with a simple navigation menu offering access to sections like 'About', 'Episodes', 'Listen', 'Read Octavia', 'Contact', and 'Support', inviting listeners to delve deeper into the podcast's content.

An online home for the Octavia’s Parables podcast

← back to projects An online home for the Octavia's Parables podcast Creating the website for Octavia's Parables, a podcast where hosts Toshi Reagon and adrienne maree brown examine Octavia Butler’s writings, has been one of the greatest honors of my career. Together with my team at And Also Too and the staff of Octavia’s Parables,… Read More
On the Aids Community Care Montreal website's landing page, a full-screen image presents two people of color smiling and holding plates at a community event. The navigation bar above displays calming neutrals with accents of active reds, framing the content in a way that emphasizes the significance of community support and health advocacy.

Identity and website design with Aids Community Care Montreal

← back to projects Identity and website design with Aids Community Care Montreal Aids Community Care Montreal (ACCM) is a Montreal-based community organization providing support and treatment services for people living with HIV or hepatitis C. During my time at Molotov Communications, I had the privilege of redesigning ACCM's website and refreshing their brand identity.… Read More