Membership report with the Design Justice Network

The Design Justice Network’s 2020 Membership Report stands as a testament to the organizing efforts of our network in a year marked by the COVID-19 pandemic.

This report, crafted in collaboration with network volunteers, visionaries, and doers, highlights the complexities of navigating a global pandemic as a community of design justice practitioners. It’s a story of utilizing the transformative power of design to navigate complexity, uncover joy, and create possibilities in times of difficulty.

I was honored to work alongside Denise Shanté Brown (art direction) and Victoria Barnett (coordination) to bring this document into being.


Design Justice Network

Denise Shanté Brown (art direction)

Victoria Barnett (coordination)


  • Layout
  • Print Design
Opening spread from the Design Justice Network's 2020 Membership Report. On the left, the 'Table of Contents' is set against a warm orange background, listing entries such as 'Note from the Steering Committee,' 'Membership Benefits in 2020,' and 'Closing Message' with bold, dark text. To the right is a 'Note from the Steering Committee,' written in a vibrant pink against a soft white background, introducing the report and reflecting on the past year's challenges and achievements. An intricate, abstract illustration in orange and pink hues embellishes the edge of the note, echoing the report's cover design and representing the network's vibrant and interconnected community.
Spread from the Design Justice Network's 2020 Membership Report. On the left, 'Membership Benefits in 2020' is detailed on a soft white background with red headers and bullet points, listing benefits such as access to a Slack channel, a discount code for a book, invitations to various events, and support for local node activities. An abstract illustration in warm hues of orange and pink sweeps along the bottom edge, visually energizing the page. To the right, the report section 'An Overview of 2020' is announced in large red text against a vivid red backdrop.
Spread from the Design Justice Network's 2020 Membership Report. The left page titled 'An Overview of 2020' features a list of notable updates and achievements in black text on a soft white background, such as the joining of Denise Shanté Brown to the Steering Committee and a collaboration with the Design for Social Innovation at DSI, alongside red numerical markers for each entry. The right page continues the list with updates like the Design Justice book publication and the #NodesConnect meetings. The bottom of both pages is accentuated with a flowing abstract illustration in red, mirroring the dynamic and interconnected nature of the network's work throughout the year.
Spread from the Design Justice Network's 2020 Membership Report. The left page continues 'An Overview of 2020' with black text on a soft white background, listing key events and programs such as the 'Design Justice in Visual & Material Design: Workshop' and 'Principles at Work: Workshop'. Each item is marked by a red numerical bullet, denoting its sequence. The right page, in a vibrant orange, announces 'Member Highlights' in large white text, signifying a section dedicated to celebrating the contributions and stories of the network's members. A dynamic red abstract illustration enhances the bottom of the left page, symbolically representing the flow and energy of the network's activities and contrasts with the solid orange of the right page.
Spread from the Design Justice Network's 2020 Membership Report. The left page, titled 'Member Highlights,' features a welcoming message thanking DJN members for their contributions to the practice and celebration of design justice in the world. The text is set in black against a soft white background for clarity. A prominent quote from DJN member Nechari Riley stands out, sharing a profound reflection on design justice. On the right page, against a white background, is a portrait of Nechari Riley, identified as a Researcher & Dot Connector, along with a detailed profile sharing her thoughts on design justice in her life, her current projects, and her approach to integrating design justice principles into UX research and education. A red abstract illustration partially frames the portrait, adding a visual energy to the page.
Spread from the Design Justice Network's 2020 Membership Report. The left page introduces Nushin Yazdani, an artist, designer, educator, and activist. A monochrome portrait of Yazdani accompanies her definition of design justice and insights into her work, all set against a soft white background with red accents from the abstract illustration continuing from the previous pages. On the right page, William Nickley, a designer and educator, is featured alongside his thoughts on design justice and his current projects. His grayscale portrait is highlighted against the same white backdrop, with the red illustration adding a vibrant contrast to the edge of the page. Both pages showcase personal quotes from the members, offering a glimpse into the diverse and active community within the Design Justice Network.
Spread from the Design Justice Network's 2020 Membership Report. On the left page, Kirsten George, an interior designer and educator, is featured. Her grayscale portrait is accompanied by her personal reflection on design justice. Her narrative is set against a soft white backdrop with red accents from the abstract illustration framing the page. On the right page, a bold title 'Network Finances' is set against a solid red background, indicating a shift to a new section in the report focused on the financial aspects of the network. The design maintains the report's consistent theme of impactful monochrome imagery and vibrant red highlights.
Spread from the Design Justice Network's 2020 Membership Report. The left page features the 'Closing Message' from the Design Justice Network, reflecting on the growth and evolution of the network since its inception, with thanks to the members and a call to continue the expansion and deepening of design justice practices. The text is presented in a clean, black font on a soft white background for legibility. On the right side, a quote from Una Lee, reflecting on the aspirational and practical aspects of design justice, is prominently displayed, capturing the essence of the network's vision. Below the quote, the page lists the report's contributors and offers gratitude to the members featured throughout, concluding with an acknowledgment of the ancestral lands and peoples.

A complex and beautiful year in review

The report’s cover portrays the Design Justice Network as a labyrinthine structure, where various areas intricately weave and merge into one another.

Member highlights

Interviews and quotes from network members are prominently featured on the report, offering deep insights into the practical applications of design justice.

Timeline infographic

Key events for our network in 2020 are featured as a wavy timeline flowing through the page.

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