Identity and website design with Aids Community Care Montreal

Aids Community Care Montreal (ACCM) is a Montreal-based community organization providing support and treatment services for people living with HIV or hepatitis C. During my time at Molotov Communications, I had the privilege of redesigning ACCM’s website and refreshing their brand identity.

The new site embodies ACCM’s mission of providing a safe and welcoming environment for people living with HIV, Hepatitis C, and LGBTQ2S+ folx. It achieves this by skilfully juxtaposing warm, authentic photography, capturing spontaneous moments within ACCM’s space, against a backdrop of a more informational aesthetic. This design approach not only conveys the organization’s compassionate support, but also addresses the complex realities faced by its members.


  • Identity
  • Web Design
On the Aids Community Care Montreal website's landing page, a full-screen image presents two people of color smiling and holding plates at a community event. The navigation bar above displays calming neutrals with accents of active reds, framing the content in a way that emphasizes the significance of community support and health advocacy.
On the Aids Community Care Montreal’s homepage services section, a visually soothing light blue backdrop hosts three distinct icons representing the core services offered: Support, depicted by hands cradling a heart; Treatment Information, symbolized by crossed band-aids with a plus sign; and Education for Prevention, illustrated by a mortarboard with a verification check. The navigation bar maintains the calming neutrals with active red accents, continuing the site’s theme that harmonizes care with actionable information.
Screenshot of the Support Services page on the Aids Community Care Montreal website. A banner image features four people posing together with welcoming smiles in a garden setting, suggesting a close-knit community atmosphere. The navigation bar at the top displays options for News, Events, Services, Volunteer, About, Contact, and Donate, set in a calming neutral background with active red text.
The 'News' section on the Aids Community Care Montreal website highlights three articles. The central feature, marked with a red border to denote its significance, shows two individuals embracing with the title 'Critical Years Ahead in Fight Against Hepatitis C.' Flanking this are articles about the lives and rights of sex workers and a community uniting to support HIV/AIDS communities, all set against a light blue background with a minimal, inviting design.
Screenshot of the "Education for Prevention" page on the Aids Community Care Montreal website. The page showcases a group of four enthusiastic young people. They are seated together, displaying welcoming smiles, in a room with bright green walls and office supplies. The website's navigation bar at the top, with options like News, Events, Services, Volunteer, About, Contact, and Donate, is set against a soft blue background, harmonizing with the organization’s warmth and service-oriented mission.
On the 'About' section of the Aids Community Care Montreal website, the page features a central graphic element with the ACCM logo, composed of interconnected red and blue shapes, symbolizing community and connectivity. Below it, a brief introduction to ACCM highlights their role as a volunteer-driven organization providing support services and treatment information. The background is a soothing light blue, and the navigation bar carries over the calming neutrals with active red highlights, consistent with the site’s design theme that promotes awareness and engagement.

Snapshots from a warm community

Generously sized snapshots from ACCM’s archives are scattered throughout the site, showcasing the organization’s warm and welcoming community. These photographs, capturing genuine moments of connection and support, convey the essence of ACCM’s nurturing environment.

An informational design aesthetic

The website employs an informational design aesthetic, featuring a clear and simple interface that warmly welcomes visitors in search of information and support from ACCM.

Logo as three interlocking plus signs

The redesign introduces a new logo consisting of three interlocking plus signs. This symbol not only represents the protection and support found within the organization, but also extends an open invitation to the wider community.

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