Radical graphics with rad concert venue The Music Gallery

The Music Gallery is a Toronto-based centre dedicated to “promoting and presenting innovation and experimentation in all forms of music, and for encouraging cross-pollination between genres, disciplines and audiences.”

I have designed several of The Music Gallery’s posters, program guides and social media images through my work with And Also Too. Throughout the years, their request in terms of visual direction has remained consistent: to keep things as weird as possible.

As a designer, this is a treat—an open invitation to push against white aesthetics. Flashy textures, liquefied objects, colorful glitches, and elastic formations are some of the visuals used to represent the unconventional nature of a Music Gallery show.


The Music Gallery
Designed with And Also Too
Art direction by Una Lee


  • Posters
  • Program Guide
  • Social Media
X Avant Poster
X Avant Poster series
Moor Mother poster
Main Events Poster series
Cover of the winter program guide
Winter program guide
Sample spread from winter program guide. The right page shows a statement and photo of Bear Witness from a Tribe Called Red. The left page features ads from Red Eye Espresso, Ride the Tempo and Make Local Waves
Sample spread showing the Letter from the Artistic Director (right page) and a full-page photo of Myst Milano singing at a Music Gallery concert(left page).
Sample spread showing the concert schedule for The Music Gallery's 2018 winter season
Fall program guide